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Tattoo of German Shepherd


German Shepherd
German Shepherd

Tattoo is picture of my German Shepherd that passed away a few years ago.

[Rated 7.64 from 8605 votes], Submitted on 18/07/2005
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Comments on Tattoo of German Shepherd

  Posted by Whitewolf on 29/01/2012 18:14:47

  very nice, i got mine done the same way, take a look at the photo posted:
  Posted by Lesley Cooper on 05/07/2010 10:19:32

  Awsome tattoo. It's gorgeous!
  Wonderful tribute to a very handsome Shepherd
  Posted by yang on 15/05/2010 09:35:14

  Posted by Athenia on 10/04/2010 13:23:56

  My dod Titan
  Posted by Rose on 28/03/2010 10:45:23

  @ craig
  your dog is absolutely beautiful. is it still young? my dog used to look like that when she was young, black face black body, around that size, now that she is almost ten, she has lost a bit of the black on her face. but still pretty. love it when they frown its so gorgeous.
  Posted by Craig on 09/03/2010 00:47:18

  @ Lolly, seriously, your name? Thats pretty lame. I am a dog handler and I have a GSD for my work called Rommel, he is a star, I am planning on getting him tattooed onto my left shoulder as I already have my pet GSD on my right. Love my dogs and I have respect for GSD owners everywhere, best dogs in the world and a fitting tribute to have them adorning your person.
  Posted by jo o on 24/10/2009 01:04:57

  good on you!!!! my white german shepherd died on her 10th birthday only 2 days ago looking for a tribute to the best friend i ever (AND WILL) have.
  Posted by Lisa on 14/11/2008 20:28:03

  Fitting tribute to your faithful friend, I want one done of my staffy who passed away in April this year, just cant find anyone in my area (west mids) who seems to do faithful and good portraits :(
  Posted by tabor on 02/11/2008 21:36:41

  Yah good tat for sure my 15yr old german shepherd passed away today he was so healthy im goin to have him inked one me soon
  Posted by Carly on 05/09/2008 21:41:40

  nice piece of artwork but not to my taste
  Posted by charmayne on 06/08/2008 14:16:09

  fantastic pic my german shepard died a year ago aged 2y 7months he was my baby hes going to be tattooed on my shoulder so any one reading this go for it dont listen to people who need there name tattooed on them just to remember who they are, how sad!
  Posted by Hrachia on 25/05/2008 07:17:41

  Yeah that is an awesome tat that you have, My 13 year old German Shepherd just passed away yesterday and Im looking into getting a tat as well.
  Posted by Adi on 01/05/2008 07:51:11

  Hey there, that is an awesome tat - my German Shepard Girl just died in Feb and I want to get a tat to honor her - what a fab idea you have!
  Posted by junior on 15/04/2008 19:47:16

  hey. my german shepherd died 3 months ago. i just want to kno where u got this tatoo done. i want to get something totally diff so dont worry. just let me kno
  Posted by scoop on 05/12/2007 22:38:13

  Wow lolly what a stupid comment! even if you were meaning to be sarcastic, id rather have a tattoo of my loyal and loving dog than a human being anyday!
  Excellent tat!! :) its good quality too
  Posted by sassy on 05/11/2007 00:26:51

  Lolly, i think this will be LOVED forever not just liked!
  Do you really forget your own name that often that you needed it tattoo'd on your self???? lol
  Posted by lolly on 16/10/2007 13:09:42

  i no this animal must have had a special place with you, but is there any point in tattooing a dog on yourself. you should have something you will like forever, for example i have my name
  Posted by Diana on 29/08/2007 09:01:39

  I think that's really lovely. May I ask where you got it done and by which artist? I want a tattoo of my cat who also passed away.
  Posted by Dog lover on 20/06/2007 09:53:24

  Very realistic!

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