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Rate My Tattoo Gallery

Tattoos. Below you can see examples of the highest rated tattoo pictures and further down you can find some of the recent additions to the Rate My Tattoo area. Use the category navigation on the left to browse by Tattoo Type.

Top Rated Designs

Wolf with Blue eyes Wolf with Blue eyes
this pic was taken 2 hours after the tattoo was finished, thats why there is still alot of ointment ..
[Rated 8.35 from 2886 votes]
Misfit Fairy Misfit Fairy
My misfit fairy, Lola, designed by Hannah Aitchison of Deluxe Tattoo, Chicago, IL, soon to be on L.A..
[Rated 8.23 from 1007 votes]
In Loving Memory In Loving Memory
A picture of a cross with In Loving Memory in an arc over the cross. A scroll with Mum Dad in it...
[Rated 8.19 from 3782 votes]
Japanese sleeve Japanese sleeve
Japanese sleeve..
[Rated 8.15 from 41 votes]
Flowers and butterflies Flowers and butterflies
This was only finished 2 days ago, please tell me what you think? x..
[Rated 8.07 from 315 votes]
tribal half sleeve tribal half sleeve
wanted something red and black,thought this was great.a bit different to the normal tribal..
[Rated 8 from 385 votes]
snow tiger snow tiger
snow tiger and tribal , tattooed by Ian Robinson..
[Rated 7.95 from 2649 votes]
tribal half sleeve tribal half sleeve
my tribal..
[Rated 7.94 from 401 votes]
floral back floral back
[Rated 7.94 from 446 votes]
lion rampant with saltire lion rampant with saltire
this is the scottish lion rampant with blue tongue and claws which is the scottish lion rampant. It ..
[Rated 7.94 from 734 votes]

Ambigram Tattoos - Create ambigrams that look the same whichever way you look!

Latest Additions to the Library

angels angels
angels with broken wings tattoo..
[Rated 5.79 from 29 votes]
my sons name my sons name
My son born 16.06.2011 , had this as wanted to Get he's name close to my heart so had it on top my ..
[Rated 3.44 from 9 votes]
scorpion scorpion
picture taken 10 minutes after being done..
[Rated 2.82 from 11 votes]
Burlesque/Pin Up Burlesque/Pin Up
MY Burlesque/Pin up girl. 8 hours to complete, f***ing love it! Done by Tony Evans of Opulent Ink Wo..
[Rated 6.36 from 33 votes]
cross cross
[Rated 3.89 from 9 votes]
black and grey cross black and grey cross
cross with my sons names..
[Rated 2.8 from 5 votes]
Love of elephants Love of elephants
My tatttoo was done by a great artist in ministry of ink telford, it is an elephant full body and fa..
[Rated 5 from 18 votes]
My angel tattoo My angel tattoo
I got this tat not long after my nan died. The words "no matter what" represent my nans favourite s..
[Rated 5.42 from 12 votes]
The beginning of something beautiful The beginning of something beautiful
This tattoo was done by Ben from Seven Sins in Surrey, I got this as the beginning of better things ..
[Rated 5.31 from 26 votes]
Dragon Dragon
Dragon tattoo for women..
[Rated 5 from 13 votes]
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