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Rate My Tattoo Gallery

Back Piece Tattoos. Below you can see examples of the highest rated tattoo pictures and further down you can find some of the recent additions to the Rate My Tattoo area. Use the category navigation on the left to browse by Tattoo Type.

Top Rated Designs under Back Piece

Flowers and butterflies Flowers and butterflies
This was only finished 2 days ago, please tell me what you think? x..
[Rated 7.94 from 326 votes]
floral back floral back
[Rated 7.94 from 446 votes]
family crest heraldic backpiece family crest heraldic backpiece
alphyn supporters, polish and irish family crest, 3D, detailed armor, ..
[Rated 7.93 from 260 votes]
Winged Angel Winged Angel
A custom designed cross as top center piece with detailed feathered wings...
[Rated 7.93 from 24181 votes]
Samurai Back piece Samurai Back piece
Got this tattoo done while on holidays in thailand at eve tattoo pattaya ..www.evetattoo.com..
[Rated 7.88 from 143 votes]
Fantasy Flight Fantasy Flight
Along time coming but so glad it is there now..
[Rated 7.84 from 110 votes]
wings with a cross wings with a cross
wings with a cross....shaded with baby pink, blues and purples :)..
[Rated 7.83 from 95 votes]
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
Drawn up from an oil painting, work done by DNA tattoos Newquay..
[Rated 7.81 from 64 votes]
Black and White Backpiece Black and White Backpiece
Lotus flowers, japanese design, butterfly, tribal..
[Rated 7.8 from 50 votes]
star star
11 stars down my spine..
[Rated 7.79 from 82 votes]

Ambigram Tattoos - Create ambigrams that look the same whichever way you look!

Latest Additions to the Library under Back Piece

My angel tattoo My angel tattoo
I got this tat not long after my nan died. The words "no matter what" represent my nans favourite s..
[Rated 4.35 from 17 votes]
American number plate American number plate
Based on an American number plate..
[Rated 1.95 from 21 votes]
back piece back piece
My back piece..
[Rated 4 from 10 votes]
Harley Dylan My Golden Boy Harley Dylan My Golden Boy
Hello All, this is my sons name across my back. I am a Jeweller so its seem quite nice and fitting. ..
[Rated 2.94 from 18 votes]
My Brilliant Back :D My Brilliant Back :D
Here is my tattoo back piece, don't by the BRILLIANT Jenny Shaw of Red Sea tattoo..
[Rated 2.67 from 18 votes]
Heart & my stars Heart & my stars
A heart with wings and stars above and below it..
[Rated 2.41 from 17 votes]
mexican art mexican art
virgin mary..
[Rated 2.91 from 11 votes]
Music notes Music notes
Music notes down my upper back..
[Rated 6.25 from 8 votes]
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power
the first half of a full back piece, the text reads Knowledge is Power or Knowledge Leads to Power. ..
[Rated 2.71 from 14 votes]
marc bolan tattoo marc bolan tattoo
portrait of marc ..
[Rated 7.08 from 26 votes]
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