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Rate My Tattoo Gallery

Black Grey Tattoos Tattoos. Below you can see examples of the highest rated tattoo pictures and further down you can find some of the recent additions to the Rate My Tattoo area. Use the category navigation on the left to browse by Tattoo Type.

Top Rated Designs under Black Grey Tattoos

Styggson Styggson
9 sittings on just over three weeks.....
[Rated 7.78 from 613 votes]
hatching a plan hatching a plan
I think the eyes capture the mood..
[Rated 7.77 from 254 votes]
Wolf by Jeff Hansler Portsmouth Wolf by Jeff Hansler Portsmouth
Wolf on Riches thigh, by Jeff Hansler Portsmouth..
[Rated 7.75 from 36 votes]
black and grey shadded dragon black and grey shadded dragon
this is a tattoo done by paul smith of getsomeink,methil,fife,scotland www.getsomeink.net website ..
[Rated 7.61 from 962 votes]
leaf lady leaf lady
a beautiful piece of art leaves and a woman..
[Rated 7.48 from 5450 votes]
maria maria
maria portrait..
[Rated 7.47 from 2377 votes]
Trinity Trinity
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit..
[Rated 7.44 from 2328 votes]
heartagram and vines heartagram and vines
this is my first tattoo it was drawn by my girlfriend and inked by bigG at true colours york he rool..
[Rated 7.42 from 794 votes]
angelic lead singer angelic lead singer
A black Grey image of an angel with microphone the theam is she is the lead singer of a band consis..
[Rated 7.41 from 423 votes]
winged cross winged cross
Black n Grey winged cross..
[Rated 7.41 from 115 votes]

Ambigram Tattoos - Create ambigrams that look the same whichever way you look!

Latest Additions to the Library under Black Grey Tattoos

cross cross
[Rated 3.89 from 9 votes]
black and grey cross black and grey cross
cross with my sons names..
[Rated 2.29 from 7 votes]
The beginning of something beautiful The beginning of something beautiful
This tattoo was done by Ben from Seven Sins in Surrey, I got this as the beginning of better things ..
[Rated 4.61 from 31 votes]
tribal phoenix tribal phoenix
four letters (gothic) blended in a picture of a phoenix...verry interesting mix :) ..
[Rated 2.11 from 19 votes]
for my love. rip for my love. rip
For my husband, who was brutally murdered..
[Rated 2.88 from 8 votes]
mike tyson mike tyson
mike tyson tattooed by heather dewar tribal skribe dundee scotland..
[Rated 3.88 from 73 votes]
Tarantula Tarantula
tattoo in on foot, tarantula with capricorn gymth in centre..
[Rated 1.25 from 8 votes]
poker zip poker zip
tattoo is on my ribs, playing cards bursting out of zip, capricorn symbol in centre and the numbers..
[Rated 1.08 from 13 votes]
in loving memory of Nicole in loving memory of Nicole
It's a cross with wings with Nicole in the middle...
[Rated 2.5 from 14 votes]
30 seconds to mars symbols 30 seconds to mars symbols
this is the 2nd tattoo i have done, what you think?..
[Rated 1.63 from 19 votes]
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