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Rate My Tattoo Gallery

Animals Birds Reptiles Tattoos. Below you can see examples of the highest rated tattoo pictures and further down you can find some of the recent additions to the Rate My Tattoo area. Use the category navigation on the left to browse by Tattoo Type.

Top Rated Designs under Animals Birds Reptiles

Wolf with Blue eyes Wolf with Blue eyes
this pic was taken 2 hours after the tattoo was finished, thats why there is still alot of ointment ..
[Rated 8.3 from 2908 votes]
snow tiger snow tiger
snow tiger and tribal , tattooed by Ian Robinson..
[Rated 7.93 from 2665 votes]
lion tattoo by paul smith lion tattoo by paul smith
this tattoo was done by paul smith in studio at getsomeink,methil,fife,scotland.www.getsomeink.net..
[Rated 7.65 from 805 votes]
German Shepherd German Shepherd
Tattoo is picture of my German Shepherd that passed away a few years ago...
[Rated 7.64 from 8605 votes]
Black greyhound Black greyhound
Black greyhound on my shoulder - I love him !..
[Rated 7.63 from 43 votes]
Angel Angel
Angel tattoo on upper left arm, need another sitting to repair any colour loss during healing...
[Rated 7.63 from 1079 votes]
My Tiger My Tiger
Tiger and Tribal..
[Rated 7.62 from 32 votes]
panther tattoo panther tattoo
panther tattoo..
[Rated 7.62 from 21 votes]
hummingbird hummingbird
this is my first tattoo im not sure why i got this one i guess i saw it and fell in love. ..
[Rated 7.62 from 813 votes]
Unicorn Unicorn
Unicorn with tribal..
[Rated 7.62 from 4039 votes]

Ambigram Tattoos - Create ambigrams that look the same whichever way you look!

Latest Additions to the Library under Animals Birds Reptiles

angels angels
angels with broken wings tattoo..
[Rated 5.77 from 31 votes]
scorpion scorpion
picture taken 10 minutes after being done..
[Rated 3.38 from 13 votes]
Love of elephants Love of elephants
My tatttoo was done by a great artist in ministry of ink telford, it is an elephant full body and fa..
[Rated 4.59 from 22 votes]
passion,love,strength passion,love,strength
back piece in progress..
[Rated 1.6 from 5 votes]
wolf wolf
wolf ..
[Rated 4.6 from 10 votes]
freehand butterfly freehand butterfly
3rd tattoo, what you think?..
[Rated 1.82 from 11 votes]
Koi Fish Koi Fish
Jap Koi fish tattoo, done on right foot...
[Rated 4.71 from 14 votes]
Tiger and Moon Tiger and Moon
Tiger standing on rocks, Looking at moon with Fiancees name at bottom..
[Rated 4.08 from 13 votes]
Airborne Sniper Airborne Sniper
Airborne Paratrooper sniper using a Accuracy international 7.62..
[Rated 4.14 from 14 votes]
My Whitesnake tattoo My Whitesnake tattoo
Snake taken from Snakebite..
[Rated 3.75 from 12 votes]
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