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Rate My Tattoo Gallery

Sleeve Tattoos. Below you can see examples of the highest rated tattoo pictures and further down you can find some of the recent additions to the Rate My Tattoo area. Use the category navigation on the left to browse by Tattoo Type.

Top Rated Designs under Sleeve

tribal half sleeve tribal half sleeve
wanted something red and black,thought this was great.a bit different to the normal tribal..
[Rated 22.89 from 412 votes]
Misfit Fairy Misfit Fairy
My misfit fairy, Lola, designed by Hannah Aitchison of Deluxe Tattoo, Chicago, IL, soon to be on L.A..
[Rated 14.24 from 1021 votes]
sleeve sleeve
sleeve i got finished..
[Rated 7.9 from 270 votes]
sleeve by twodogs sleeve by twodogs
full sleeve japanese by twodogs ..
[Rated 7.85 from 247 votes]
Maple Leaf in thorns with maple keys Maple Leaf in thorns with maple keys
I am Canadian (Maple Leaf). The thorns symbolise the personal aspects of my life and the two maple k..
[Rated 7.8 from 470 votes]
Arm tattoo Arm tattoo
Tattoo design..
[Rated 7.67 from 129 votes]
sleeve sleeve
portsmouth tattoo,another on going tattoo sleeve...
[Rated 7.66 from 512 votes]
freedom sleeve freedom sleeve
Two birds, stars and clouds. 25 hours of fun!!..
[Rated 7.62 from 1741 votes]
de lampicha sleeve. by ronen bichacho de lampicha sleeve. by ronen bichacho
this sleeve is based on the paintings of the art deco artist tamara delampicha. took us a long time ..
[Rated 7.6 from 515 votes]
Space theme lower leg sleeve Space theme lower leg sleeve
Full lower leg sleeve, still healing, used the spaceman from BBC, thanks! needed a retro spaceman, f..
[Rated 7.59 from 93 votes]

Ambigram Tattoos - Create ambigrams that look the same whichever way you look!

Latest Additions to the Library under Sleeve

traditional/newschool traditional/newschool
bunch of tattoos became a half sleeve..
[Rated 3.47 from 17 votes]
Japanese sleeve Japanese sleeve
Japanese sleeve..
[Rated 7.37 from 46 votes]
skull 'n' roses skull 'n' roses
old school skulls, roses, spider webs..
[Rated 5.59 from 22 votes]
Howling wolf Howling wolf
my sleeve..
[Rated 4.88 from 17 votes]
stolen time stolen time
lots of numbers .for people to look at would mean nothing .but has meaning to me ,clock face ,roses,..
[Rated 5.82 from 44 votes]
Fiji Sleeve Fiji Sleeve
This is a Freestyle freehand tattoo. original design. made it up as i go along..
[Rated 4.03 from 63 votes]
koi half sleeve koi half sleeve
about 6 hours,3 sessions,flaming dragon tattoo tacoma,wa..
[Rated 4.5 from 18 votes]
Avenged Sevenfold tribute tattoo Avenged Sevenfold tribute tattoo
My birthday present..
[Rated 3.29 from 21 votes]
Blue Tiger Blue Tiger
Japanese style Blue Tiger half sleeve by Kanae at The Family Business (London UK). It took 12.5 hour..
[Rated 6.19 from 37 votes]
japanese sleeve japanese sleeve
top of my unfinished sleeve done by mickey clarke bodycraft raw nottingham..
[Rated 5.6 from 20 votes]
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