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Tattoo of Love Life loyalty


Love Life loyalty
Love Life loyalty

Love Life loyalty from this website

[Rated 5.84 from 219 votes], Submitted on 13/11/2006 20:58:06
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Comments on Tattoo of Love Life loyalty

  Posted by Eli on 27/02/2011 17:03:24

  I love this tattoo and its meaning I have it on my lower torso along with three of my besties, one has it on her ankle and the other two on the back of their necks....23 years of friendship....No Regrets <3
  Posted by Donna on 15/02/2011 07:28:39

  anybody know what the ethnicity is behind this tattoo? irish, german, french?...
  Posted by Donna on 15/02/2011 07:28:21

  anybody know what the ethnicity is behind this tattoo? irish, german, french?...
  Posted by Cort on 31/01/2011 18:56:11

  I have this tattoo on my shoulder blade with angel wings around it. Absolutely love it! Have been thinking about getting Love, Life, Loyalty written somewhere to blend in.
  Posted by Dee Monteith on 29/10/2010 09:51:01

  I've just had the life~love~loyalty tattoo last friday. I've carried it around for the last 6 years deciding where i should get it. I'm so chuffed with he result
  Posted by lydia on 30/08/2010 10:41:14

  I was online lookin for the a tattoo for the bac of my neck when I seen this one I knew it was for me......n my best friend seen it n see got it on her foot the same day ....this is def..me...love~life~loyalty
  Posted by jessica on 18/06/2010 10:47:01

  I am going to get that same Tatt. hopefully today! i love it! it is just what i was looking for!
  Posted by Boss on 22/05/2010 10:38:15

  I'm getting this tat in red. It will really mean alot to me and I wouldn't feel right if in didn't get it. How much do it run for?
  Posted by Tallent on 19/05/2010 21:38:00

  I love this tatt. im getting the same one in a couple of weeks on the back of my shoulder.
  Posted by tasha on 14/10/2009 23:22:20

  how do i get a pic of this to take to my tattoo artist i love it
  Posted by melissa on 14/09/2009 17:46:26

  got this tattoo on back of my neck and i love it and will never regret it,meaning is perfect aswell!!
  Posted by margo on 24/08/2009 03:07:45

  Got it today and will never regret, it's on my lower back. Gorgeous.
  Posted by kitty hawk on 05/08/2009 00:19:46

  I absolutely love this tattoo myself. I have a small one on the top of my left thigh. I have been wanting another tattoo on my back and could not figure it out. As I was looking at my tattoo today I was like this would be great a larger size. I just love it. I might get some shading or color this time but not too much cuz I just love the tatt just the way it is.
  Posted by Sandy on 17/07/2009 16:00:22

  I too have this tattoo and got it to celebrate my fourtieth. Have it on my lower back and just love it. Simply but meaningful
  Posted by Lana Frank on 30/06/2009 06:35:50

  My 17 yr old grandson and I have this tattoo on the underside of our forearms. His goes from wrist to elbow, mine goes about half the distance, but we both love it. We love the meaning, he has been living with us me and my husband since he was 3 so he is more like our son. He wanted a matching tat as a 15 year old birthday present. He just recently had a double lung transplant. This tattoo is a special bond between the two of us.
  Posted by Kelly Evans on 03/04/2009 15:39:56

  I have this in between my shoulder blades & my best friend had the same on her wrist, I have a couple of tats but this is by far my favourite!
  Posted by April on 31/03/2009 19:44:38

  I have this on the back of my neck, me and 2 friends went and got this together.. We all love it.
  Posted by Jojo on 26/02/2009 16:29:29

  I have this tattoo, I love it, it means alot to me and Im gonna add stars to it
  Posted by Nicole on 15/09/2008 15:24:51

  I have this tattoo on my right foot but it's red & black I love it.
  Posted by Simone on 09/07/2008 09:41:09

  I got this tattoo on Monday as love it, had it done just above my ankle, going to get my kids initials either side of it next I think
  Posted by Lorraine on 27/06/2008 01:18:38

  I just love this one,i love what the meaning is ,its so touching, i have several tattoos done but even the ones i have a cool but i really think this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted by Ria on 24/05/2008 02:35:37

  I have the same tattoo on my shoulder and my husband has the same on his arm but from shoulder to elsbow. Looks awesome!
  Posted by Max on 08/05/2008 11:17:55

  Is this only for women?
  Posted by Sarah on 28/04/2008 14:14:29

  Got this tattoo on Sat with my Dads initials (passed away when i was 6) either side...LOVE IT!
  Posted by Alisha on 25/02/2008 15:16:26

  I got that tattoo on my chest with tribal hearts all around it!!

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