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Tattoo of freedom sleeve


freedom sleeve
freedom sleeve

Two birds, stars and clouds. 25 hours of fun!!

[Rated 7.62 from 1741 votes], Submitted on 09/10/2006 10:58:13
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Comments on Tattoo of freedom sleeve

  Posted by Ian on 26/08/2011 00:40:09

  Dude that is one sick tat, i would really like some pictures of it in diffrent angles to get som ideas for mine please
  Posted by garry Park on 27/03/2011 19:23:05

  Hi, this is fab mate!! would love some more images if you could send - much appreciated!!
  Posted by jordan on 05/02/2011 23:31:45

  this is really nice can i get more pics pls.
  Posted by jordan on 05/02/2011 09:20:06

  this is siiick. Can i get more pics on this pls. thanks
  Posted by Ian on 16/01/2011 19:10:52

  I no this pic was uploaded in 2006 but any chance of sending me some more pics! Think its wicked and wana get some ideas from it to add what I have got already! Cheers pal!
  Posted by mark dudgeon on 01/01/2011 22:25:40

  Absolutly stunning tat mate!!!! Ure probaly sick of getting asked but if possible pls could you send me some other pics of the tat....cheers
  Posted by Andrew on 23/09/2009 18:56:58

  I know I am nearly the 100th person to ask but if you could send me alt pics I would be really thankful
  Posted by steve on 04/08/2009 23:03:35

  any chance you could send me some more pics of it at different angles 2
  cheers steve
  Posted by Jonathan Dobbs on 15/06/2009 20:00:00

  PLEASE, PLEASE can you send me a few pictures of this, it looks amazing.
  Posted by David on 26/05/2009 18:16:36

  alright mate, looks amazing, was just wandering if you could send me a few photos to get some ideas, cheers man
  Posted by Coco on 21/05/2009 22:36:41

  Hey sir,that tattoo is class,wots the chances of emailing me a pic of it?cheers
  Posted by andy on 04/05/2009 14:11:42

  nice tattoo dude! any chance you could send a few pics to take a few ideas, ta
  Posted by robin on 28/03/2009 20:42:57

  thats awesome dude,im trying to design my own sleeve at the moment and was wondering if it was ok to take some ideas from your tat. it would be great if you could send me more photos please
  Posted by Greg Cunningham on 10/03/2009 09:00:35

  Can you send me further photo's - your tattoo is amazing and i'd like to adapt with a couple of my own ideas
  Posted by Travis on 26/02/2009 01:22:29

  Yo man, lovin the ink!!
  could you send me some more pics?
  Posted by Dan on 23/02/2009 18:29:46

  Nicest sleeve ive seen in a long time would love some more pics to get whole effect of the piece. Has given me some great ideas, love the sections of skin that make up pictures, truley inspiring.
  Posted by patsy parker on 09/02/2009 19:30:58

  hi what a gorgeous tattoo my husband would love to have this done any chance you could send us some more pics and how much would something like this cost
  Posted by adam thomas on 22/01/2009 13:21:49

  Hey mate, aboslutly love the design any chance of some more pics, i've been looking for ages but have some more ideas now!
  Posted by oliver on 13/01/2009 20:09:13

  does the tattoo mean anything and how much was it? can you please send me more pic of the tattoo
  Posted by sonny on 04/01/2009 18:38:20

  wow! wicked tat man! Just as I booked myself in for a freedom sleeve the doctor told me I need to have 3 injections and a blood test done on my arm! its well gonna hurt!
  Posted by Ryan Jonson on 22/12/2008 02:39:47

  Hello, you tattoo is amazing, do you have anymore pics to send of it?
  Posted by zuch on 03/12/2008 20:41:34

  hi mate, your tatt is awesome, can you please send me some pics if possible, just getting some designs for my own. cheers mate
  Posted by john on 26/10/2008 16:41:45

  hey could u send me some more pics of ur tat thanks.
  Posted by martyn on 26/10/2008 14:13:29

  your tat is quality you got anymore pics
  Posted by Robby on 22/10/2008 11:20:01

  your sleeve is A-MAZ-ING, i am truely jealous! it would be well appreciate if you can send me some pics :) thanks alot

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