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Tattoo of tribal wings


tribal wings
tribal wings

tribal wings on back

[Rated 7.52 from 1857 votes], Submitted on 07/03/2004
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Comments on Tattoo of tribal wings

  Posted by crackalackn wings mate :D on 28/01/2010 21:16:35

  can you send a first draw please? really appreciated.
  Posted by nathan on 26/10/2009 19:15:08

  alright mate,
  could you send me the first draw of these wing's please ??
  Posted by Robban on 05/05/2009 22:28:14

  Hey dude!
  Can u send the first draw of those wings to me also? Now many been asking so the hope is small i get a reply ;)
  Posted by michael on 05/04/2009 19:38:50

  can i get a first draw of this??
  Posted by Matt on 13/08/2008 21:49:41

  Hey bro that tattoo looks amazing! Any chance I could get the first draw of this tattoo please? Much appreciated!
  Posted by Ryan McGrath on 30/05/2008 18:54:59

  Hey I think those wings look really good man, do u still have your drawings/ and or stencil you could email i think thats a great starting place for modification. Cheers!
  Posted by Lasse on 22/05/2008 08:16:41

  thats just insane.. can you plz send me the drawing of the wings
  Posted by fraser on 26/03/2008 19:47:33

  hey dude love your wings could u send me the first draw sorry for the trouble every1s been askin cheers
  Posted by Nadia on 26/02/2008 14:48:49

  Love these! Can you send me the first drawing of your wings too!... I know a lot of people have been asking you!
  Posted by Adam on 06/01/2008 20:55:02

  Bin lookin for sumthin like this for AGES! Awesome, could u send me the 1st draw of these 2 please. cheers.
  Posted by Jayson Yabut on 18/11/2007 22:52:55

  I want a tat kind a like yours on my arm. I'll flip it to make it my own.
  How much did it cost you?
  Posted by Ross Macdonald on 26/09/2007 18:22:37

  can you send me the first draw of these wings please. thank you. how much would they cost roughly
  Posted by Andrew on 19/09/2007 23:28:56

  Hi, could you send me the draw of these please theyr imense tattoo.
  Posted by SexyWelshLad on 14/09/2007 19:02:17

  Hi Gizmo Got Any Photos Of Other Wings?
  Posted by Gizmo on 13/09/2007 19:44:35

  ..Too basic for my likin. Huge solid black lines. Why? You could have had somethin more detailed that would have looked better.
  Posted by SexyWelshLad on 12/09/2007 15:07:13

  Soon As I Know Roughly How Much These Are I'm Gonna Have Them Done!
  Posted by mark on 11/09/2007 14:04:47

  hey can you send me the first draw of these wings 2 please :) i think its the best tat ive ever seen,
  thank you
  Posted by SexyWelshLad on 26/08/2007 16:11:34

  Wow I Love The Tribal Wings, How Much Roughly Wud It Cost To Have That Done?
  Posted by magnusone23 on 23/08/2007 20:44:52

  could u please send me the drawings of that tattoo? its freakin badass! thanks
  Posted by Tanis on 28/07/2007 22:34:51

  Ditto as the other comments....How long did it take? They are amazing!!
  Posted by marie on 26/07/2007 14:49:45

  hi how much did these cost? and how long did it take?
  Posted by marie on 26/07/2007 13:48:16

  just wondering how much this cost and how long it too to do??? please email back
  Posted by Patrick on 25/07/2007 18:49:22

  wow...i fell in luv wit dis as soon as i saw it lol it looks great..cud u possibly send me the 1st drawings 4 this 1 id really appreciate it k thx bye
  Posted by Sangee on 20/07/2007 04:10:47

  I love u tattoo!:D It's nice! Please send me the first draw of the wings! I would so much to tattoo this one!
  Many thanks!
  Posted by Devin on 10/07/2007 09:24:56

  Awesome set of wings there.

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