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Tattoo of Amor Vincit Omnia


Amor Vincit Omnia
Amor Vincit Omnia

Love Coquers All along my left forearm in thin italic

[Rated 7.19 from 507 votes], Submitted on 10/03/2006 23:33:41
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Comments on Tattoo of Amor Vincit Omnia

  Posted by monica b. on 23/03/2012 01:49:41

  I have the same tat on my right arm inside in script. in the latin form & it is very sexy & intimate & so are all of the above tats which are
  shown.....Great looking tats *
  Posted by kiera on 25/07/2009 06:59:00

  I think the reversed order (amor vincit omnia) came about in Chaucer's Canterbury tales.
  Posted by Nick on 11/06/2009 13:49:51

  Hey, amazing tatoo... Please tell me which font you used.. Love it.
  Posted by incognito on 08/12/2008 00:11:03

  it might be worth reading the end of Eclogue X (by Virgil). It might give you further insight into what 'omnia vincit amor' means.
  Posted by sean on 10/11/2008 11:10:13

  Great piece of work, what font is it in, and how can I get hold it?
  Posted by James Malin on 03/10/2008 08:58:50

  That order of the latin words is quite rare.
  Omnia Vincit Amor was the more common one as used by Virgil.
  I have the same tattoo aswell.
  Posted by AJ83 on 09/09/2008 09:10:24

  Hey, love the tattoo. Everyone's already asked you but what font did u use?
  Posted by Mike on 03/09/2008 15:34:21

  Very cool tattoo. I am actually getting that phrase, possibly on my chest. I'm using a font called "Selfish." For anyone looking for a font, check "Selfish" out. It's pretty nice.
  Posted by PARIS on 06/06/2008 13:58:32

  i have that but down the side of my left arm :)
  Posted by trish on 07/05/2008 19:31:41

  love love love this tattoo. i'm getting another script tattoo this summer and am really thinking about using that font if i can find it.
  Posted by Jon on 05/04/2008 08:43:15

  Great Tattoo & is just the font I have been looking for to create a similar piece of work for myself - what font did you choose?
  Posted by david on 05/04/2008 08:03:16

  fantastic, i love it.
  Posted by Lau on 12/03/2008 10:27:23

  Hi Guys
  Not sure of the font but a similar looking good font is Kunstler Script. Wicked tattoo x
  Posted by Annika on 12/02/2008 02:28:24

  Exactly the font that I have been looking for.... what lettertype did u use?
  Posted by myles on 23/01/2008 21:28:28

  Anyone figure out the font type? I would like to know.
  Posted by Krista on 21/01/2008 21:28:30

  I absolutely love your tattoo. I have the phrase "Love is the Essence of Life" in Latin under my neck on my shoulder blades. Yours looks fantastic!
  Posted by Aziz on 20/01/2008 16:51:05

  Love it! What font you used?
  Posted by jono on 13/01/2008 09:57:54

  Anybody end up working out what this font was ???
  Posted by matt on 04/01/2008 07:22:11

  whats the letter type u used. or the font?
  Posted by AmyLyn on 01/01/2008 22:46:08

  I have the same tattoo; however mine's in the traditional latin order..
  Posted by monica on 12/12/2007 18:29:55

  LOVE IT! Have been looking for it in the right font for a long time, was going to put it around my right wrist (like Keith Urban), but like the left forearm. Could you please send me a clearer pic., as my comp does not have thin italic. Thank you
  Posted by Jen on 20/10/2007 07:54:24

  Ive been wanting a tattoo like that for a very long time. Im getting that saying with a heart around it. :) Love it.
  Posted by Marcus on 09/10/2007 08:28:56

  Hi, Whats the lettertype you use? I love it!!
  Posted by Jocke on 10/09/2007 17:02:46

  Hi, Whats the lettertype? Like it alot!
  Posted by Mike on 04/09/2007 16:31:41

  I like this more than any other tattoo I have seen... nice and subtle... whats the lettertype?

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