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Latest Tattoos

daughter lauren name daughter lauren name
got youngest daughter lauren name old english inside arm..
[Rated 5.33 from 24 votes]
claudiu tatoo claudiu tatoo
Steaua-fc Steaua bucharest...the best team of Romania..
[Rated 4.8 from 10 votes]
my wife`s name and initials of my kids my wife`s name and initials of my kids
this is the name of my wife Marina and the initials of my three kids T, L & M...
[Rated 3.88 from 25 votes]
mine sons name CODY mine sons name CODY
this is just a tattoo of my sons name CODY..
[Rated 3.48 from 27 votes]
Order of the Thistle Order of the Thistle
Translated this says' " NO ONE PROVOKES ME WITH IMPUNITY." It's etched in stone above the entrance t..
[Rated 7.44 from 226 votes]
Temel Noske Temel Noske
To know yourself in latin..
[Rated 2.82 from 11 votes]
Victory Through Harmony Victory Through Harmony
Translates from 'Victoria Concordia Crescit' used on the old Arsenal FC badge..
[Rated 4.92 from 26 votes]
england tattoo on my back done in house and free hand ..
[Rated 2.85 from 68 votes]
Daddy Daddy
In memory of my late dad. Daddy 1929~1993 So many images come to mind Whenever I speak your nam..
[Rated 7.08 from 165 votes]
veni vidi vici ribs tattoo veni vidi vici ribs tattoo
the jeulus caesar latin quote which tranlates as I came, I saw, I conquered...
[Rated 7.07 from 113 votes]
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