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Latest Tattoos

Serenity Prayer Serenity Prayer
This is just a tattoo of the Serenity Prayer... not sure what text it is... But it took 4.25 hours a..
[Rated 6.93 from 146 votes]
Morrissey/The Smiths ambigram Morrissey/The Smiths ambigram
Moz/smiths ambigram done by Garry@sacred art..
[Rated 6.76 from 54 votes]
Millwall tattoo Millwall tattoo
this is the tattoo i designed myself i had i done on saturday 3rd october and later that day millwal..
[Rated 3.82 from 28 votes]
wainner wainner
it was my first tattoo ..
[Rated 2.43 from 14 votes]
Amor fati : love of fate Amor fati : love of fate
Black drop shadow in Gotham typeface...
[Rated 6.97 from 75 votes]
BVLGARI - The Worlds Greatest Brandy..
[Rated 1 from 4 votes]
Latin - Remember Latin - Remember
memento vivere - remember that you must live..
[Rated 3.62 from 24 votes]
powex and the 3 stars and the sun powex and the 3 stars and the sun
powex is forever filipino.....ready to defend the 3 stars and the sun..
[Rated 4.92 from 12 votes]
Latin Tattoo Latin Tattoo
Tattoo is Motto in Latin "Love and Do As You Wish and Thus We Shall Go To The Stars"..
[Rated 4.27 from 15 votes]
Courtney Courtney
A tattoo of my daughters name, i also have my sons name aswell in same style..
[Rated 2.47 from 19 votes]
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