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Latest Tattoos

Maori Calf Tattoo Maori Calf Tattoo
Got this done while travelling..
[Rated 5.16 from 19 votes]
Scottish Tribal shield Scottish Tribal shield
Tribal shield with soon to be Scottish Flag centre with black and blue outline, 4hrs down 2 to go!!!..
[Rated 3.77 from 70 votes]
tribal with hearts tribal with hearts
ginettes first tattoo, tribal with hearts ..
[Rated 5.29 from 7 votes]
shaded tribal dragon shaded tribal dragon
this my third tattoo, the others being tribal art deco & shaded tribal (all on this site) and all do..
[Rated 7.35 from 102 votes]
Tribal spade Tribal spade
I liked it :)..
[Rated 1.08 from 12 votes]
Stained Glass Cross Stained Glass Cross
This was an idea I had and Charlie, my tattooist, just brought it to life!!!..
[Rated 6.77 from 52 votes]
Celtic half chest piece Celtic half chest piece
About 6 hours work so far. Still needs to come up onto the shoulder and the dog head still needs som..
[Rated 7.53 from 60 votes]
Celtic on back Celtic on back
Celtic on back by Jeff Hansler, Portsmouth..
[Rated 7.84 from 55 votes]
Slipknots tribal S Slipknots tribal S
Picture taken right after it was done (a little ointment is on it.) The design was built around the..
[Rated 3.78 from 23 votes]
mafyadj tribals in umbre mafyadj tribals in umbre
un tribals in umbre..
[Rated 2.8 from 20 votes]
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