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Latest Tattoos

My Brilliant Back :D My Brilliant Back :D
Here is my tattoo back piece, don't by the BRILLIANT Jenny Shaw of Red Sea tattoo..
[Rated 2.67 from 18 votes]
passion,love,strength passion,love,strength
back piece in progress..
[Rated 1.6 from 5 votes]
wolf wolf
wolf ..
[Rated 4.6 from 10 votes]
Heart & my stars Heart & my stars
A heart with wings and stars above and below it..
[Rated 2.41 from 17 votes]
mexican art mexican art
virgin mary..
[Rated 2.91 from 11 votes]
Andrew M's Tatto Andrew M's Tatto
My tattoo started with the 8ball, becuase you either can win life, or lose life! The Musicnotes is f..
[Rated 2.31 from 16 votes]
jan oliveros tattoos jan oliveros tattoos
this tattoo is a dark image tattoo..
[Rated 7.57 from 21 votes]
smiley Leeds United badge smiley Leeds United badge
Leeds smiley badge from the 70`s got it in Dublin Feb 2011..
[Rated 3.23 from 13 votes]
for my love. rip for my love. rip
For my husband, who was brutally murdered..
[Rated 2.88 from 8 votes]
Mikes Dragon Tattoo Mikes Dragon Tattoo
Japanese dragon tattoo, Mike Scott...
[Rated 5 from 8 votes]
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