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jan oliveros tattoos jan oliveros tattoos
this tattoo is a dark image tattoo..
[Rated 7.57 from 21 votes]
Looky Looky
Just an idea i came up with a few weeks ago. I really liked it, it came out pretty awesome. ..
[Rated 3.86 from 7 votes]
Mexican Skull Day of the Dead Mexican Skull Day of the Dead
Mexican Skull, roses , skateboard and a old school Swallow on the bottom..
[Rated 5.96 from 24 votes]
trini ink trini ink
this is on side of my arm tattoo it entails two skulls in the form of a bucket holding the meaning o..
[Rated 5.67 from 15 votes]
Its a little bit of my own...xD ..
[Rated 3.8 from 10 votes]
skull skull
If you are in Cebu Philippines or If you are planning to visit our city and if you have a plan to ha..
[Rated 1.8 from 10 votes]
death before dishonor death before dishonor
death before dishonor skull and crossbones..
[Rated 1.27 from 15 votes]
first sleeve first sleeve
jay did this a studio 81 really good shading..
[Rated 4.42 from 12 votes]
skulls skulls
[Rated 3.4 from 5 votes]
reaper reaper
tattooed by heather dewar tribal skribe dundee..
[Rated 7.66 from 50 votes]
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