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Name Translations in Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese + Fonts.

Would you trust an online free list to give your name in a foreign language, and then ink your body with it?..
No neither would we...           
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For larger translation jobs please
contact us for a quote.

Orders are completed and online within 24-48hrs usually.  We use transliteration for our name translations as many western names/words do not have an equivalent, we therefore use the sound of the name transliterated into your chosen language. Buy your name or word as a gift for a friend, they can be used for many fun purposes.

Please choose from the translation list below:
Arabic Translation Chinese Translation Gujarati Translation
Hebrew Translation Hindi Translation Sanskrit Translation



Arabic Translation 
Our Arabic translator's mother tongue is Arabic and has lived in Canada for 3 years. She has a Master degree in Business & Economics and more than 12 years of practical experience, using exclusively English as a business language, and 3+ years of translation and interpretation

Sanskrit or Hindi translation, 
for the most part Sanskrit and Hindi are very similar both written in Devanagari.

Hebrew Translation  
Our Hebrew translator lives in Israel and has worked as a translator since 1995

Gujarati Translation   
Our Sanskrit/Hindi translations are carried out by Sanjay Agrawal who has lived in India for over 40 years and is a fluent translator in English Hindi Sanskrit Marathi Gujarati 



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